About SSJ Judo

Hello, and thank you for visiting! SSJ Judo is a family-oriented and -friendly dojo. We have students ranging from four years old to over fifty, from casual to international competitors.

We are very proud of the quality of our program. Not only do we pride ourselves on having the most successful junior competitors in the region, but we thrive on the lively participation of whole families on the mat. Come in and see for yourself how much fun and good judo can be for you and your family!

We are also very proud of our facility: our mat is one of the finest in the country, with almost 1,600 sq. ft. of Olympic-quality tatami, supported by a floating wooden surface on special, shock-absorbing foam. It is a unique mat architecture designed to facilitate extremely quick, controlled movement, while safely absorbing heavy, controlled falls.

Our dojo presents a clean, professional space with a changing room, a unisex bathroom, seating for visitors, and a calm, inviting d├ęcor. We welcome visitors to any of our classes!

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