Marina Lambert trains at SSJJ!

If you don’t know, Marina Lambert is an extraordinary young woman who recently won both the senior nationals and a spot on the U.S. World Team.

She’s also only fifteen years old. Wow.

It just so happens that she is from Virginia Beach, and after the Sr. Nationals, her father, Melvin Lambert asked about coming out to Charlottesville to work out to prepare for the World Games. Of, course, I said yes, thinking that this was the kind of polite, but inconsequential conversation that happens; “Hey let’s work out sometime!” “Sure, that would be great!”

But, week after Senior Nationals, Melvin calls and asks when would be a good time to come out and train? It turns out that they do not have a club they belong to locally, and have been driving to Washington Judo up at Georgetown University. This would be a great workout; Jimmy Takemori has a very strong population of blackbelts up there, from multiple countries. However, it’s a four a drive one way for them to workout. Coming to Chralottesville is a three hour drive, but it means getting back home before midnight as opposed to 1 a.m.

So Marina came out for her first workout on Saturday, April 28th, and hopefully we will see her on a regular basis to help her prepare for the world championships.

This was the first time I played with either Marina, or her sister Sarah, and I was very pleased to see that their competitive style is also fluid and open. Let’s make sure they have a great time when they return, and that we do all we can to help Marina get ready for the biggest event in Judo!


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  1. GTS, I do not have a link for the video. Melvin said he wanted to learn how to put videos on the internet, but I don’t know if he has yet. I could sen him an email and ask, ad get back to you on that.

    Marina’s geometry teacher! Kathy, those are very nice words you worte about your experience with Marina. Sweet!

    Happy Holidays!

    P.S. Gangsta’s Subs did open on 14 Roberts Street in Fargo. The subs are big hit!


  2. Thinking of my wonderful Geometry student, Marina, and here is current news about her and her family! As a former teacher, I can attest that Marina is a lovely young lady, an awesome teammate to her fellow Brave wrestlers, and an inspiration to us all. My 13 year old daughter had the opportunity to meet Marina, and is so encouraged from their talk that she will also be trying out for out high school team! I wish her and her family all the best for the rest of the summer–safe travels and blessings–and I can’t wait to see her in September!

    Much love,


  3. I will see the video tomorrow night of Marina’s victory match in Fargo ND. Melvin video taped it, and the Fargo High Flight Kite Command will view it. But, the point is Marina won! We are so pleased, because she is a splendid person and proves herself over and again.
    Hats off to Melvin Lambert for showing us so many tips on flying kites.
    May the Lord be with them & their family,


  4. Susan,

    Thanks for the info! We have not seen Marina anywhere for some time, and were wondering where she was. I’m glad to know she is doing well. If you have a link where you might post the video from Marina’s wrestling, I’d love to have it.

    Thanks again!



  5. Hi!
    Marina Lambert is wrestling in Fargo ND this week. I got to meet her through her dad Melvin, because he was looking for a place to fly his huge kite and he found Fargo’s High Kite Flight Command in the air and joined us. Marina as well joined us one evening and then walked to the street fair to see all that was going on on Broadway, and we showed our out of town guests the building where Gangsta Subs will be opening soon.
    Marina wanted to go up to NDSU to weigh herself to find out if she was still under her weigh-in weight and she was. She can to Fargo ready to wrestle, not to have to loose lbs. before the competition. We watched as wrestler from all over the world warmed up in a large room. And, Marina took us to where her team mates (and other teams) were wrestling. It was something to see, as you will, behind the senses.
    It is 7-20-08. Marina will wrestle tomorrow. Melvin will video tape the event. And, they will be coming to my place one evening to show the High Fliers her matches. She is a very lovely young lady and I’m happy that we have met. And. Melvin is a great guy and father.
    Our kite club has learned a lot of tips from Melvin, a seasoned kite flier. It’s wonderful to see him in the skies over Fargo. He has traveled the glob with Marina, and has flown the skies across the map. He brings a special beauty and a protection for his beautiful daughter. I don’t think he’s over protective! He loves his daughter and is into what she is about and what is does.
    We, I am, richer for knowing them. Well, still have plenty of time to get together and enjoy their company and make memories with these two wonderful people.
    Melvin & Marina, we love you both.
    Thank you for letting me leave my comments. I hope that this will be appreciated by you.
    Susan Lehto (Tipi)


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