Here is where you will find all the necessary documents to participate in SSJ Judo.

The SSJ Judo Handbook
SSJ Judo Handbook for Students and Parents
This is the source for all dojo rules, guidance and expectations. The handbook also contains required forms, including liability waiver, emergency contact information, and acknowledgement form indicating that you have read and agree to adhere SSJ Judo rules and guidelines.

Junior and Senior Promotional Requirements

These documents contain all the requirements for each rank at both the junior (6-15 years old) and senior (14 years old and up) levels.

Shufu Senior Promotional Requirements 20090831

Shufu Senior Promo Score Sheet 20090908

Shufu Junior Promotional Worksheets 20090909

Shufu Junior Promo Score Sheet 20090908

Bear Brand Judo Gi Order Form
There are many fine brands on the market, but I am partial to this one because it belongs to my Father. If you wish to order a Bear Brand gi through me, please use this form.
Judo Gi Order form 20100917